Our products involve in ERW welded pipe production line, Oil & Gas pipe production line, precise steel pipe production line, cold roll forming section steel production line, coil slitting line and corresponding auxiliary equipments.
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High performance cold-formed steel supports the development of container industry

In recent years, China's container port has developed rapidly, and its throughput has been the first in the world for more than 10 years. In 2013, China's container port throughput still maintained this advantage
04 2019/03

Research and application of high strength cold bending steel

In recent years, with the development of steel structure application technology in our country, cold-formed thin-walled steel and other economic profiles develop rapidly. Compared with traditional rolled profiles
27 2018/11

Application of cold formed section steel of Zhonghui cold forming equipment in construction machinery cab

In July 1969, the construction and industrial machinery Technical Committee (cimtc) officially named the roll over protective structures as the safety devices used to protect the driver during rollover
04 2019/03
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