Our products involve in ERW welded pipe production line, Oil & Gas pipe production line, precise steel pipe production line, cold roll forming section steel production line, coil slitting line and corresponding auxiliary equipments.

In Jan. 2010

We won the bidding of more than ten high precision and HF welded pipe mill lines of Bao Steel Group and Xinjiang Eighth Steel to produce high grade oil transmission pipe which is a sign of stepping into high-technology, high precision & cutting-edge technology enterprise in the field of welded pipe equipment.
28 2019/03

In Oct. 2009

Absorbing Japanese technology, through constant research and improvement, high precision stainless steel and titanium pipe were successfully developed which was widely used in aviation, space, nuclear power and the desalinization of sea water etc.
28 2019/03

In Dec 2008

Hebei Hengjie Pipe Industry Co., Ltd, was founded and it was energy saving and environmental protecting project of the government, which is devoted to the development and production of air cooling pipes as the inspection standard of SPX in USA and all the indexes can compete with the level of imported pipes
28 2019/03

In Oct. 2008

We were the first to make round-adapted air cooling pipe mill line, and the products run well in the air cooling companies at home and abroad.
28 2019/03

In Sep. 2008

We signed with Poland partners after we got the CE certificate, and then stepped into the EU and American market successfully.
28 2019/03

In May 2008

The short length and high speed flying saw was developed with min length of 100mm and the cutting speed of 120 times /min.
28 2019/03
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